Many users of the internet prefer to use the fastest internet connection and if the connection becomes wireless, then they must enjoy it. The wireless internet based on the operator is very expensive but if the same speed internet connection can be used if the users use a router. A router is a device which is used for the conversion of the internet connection to Wi-Fi. For this conversion is not expensive. You need a router and home routers are not so expensive. You just setup the device in a suitable place and start the conversion to wireless internet. In the router box, you will get what you need to use.
You may not decide which router that you should buy. In the router market industry, you will get various types of routers and those are from various brands. If you want to buy a route for a home where very few people will use devices and connect to the internet, then you can buy a cheap router like a home router. But if you want to use the router large area (public Place) where many people use the Wi-Fi internet connection in their device, then you should buy an expensive router. You should check the performance of the router and reliability of the brand. You can know about the brand and performance of device from the customer’s review. You will get those review from the online store like amazon.
TP-Link is a popular brand for building popular routers and networking devices. This company has been founded in 1996. You can trust on this company. This company builds popular and good performing routers of different models. You can buy one router based on the performance. TP-Link customer care support is wonderful and trusted. All of the routers and networking devices use IP addresses and the default IP address is also setup the routers. The default IP address is unique and this unique IP address has various purposes.
The IP address does not work if you make anything wrong in the IP address. The IP address is the important thing if you write the correct IP address. The IP address is not useful when you make the IP address wrong. You use the IP address for log in the router and check the connectivity. The connection between the router and computer can be tested with the IP address. If you want to test the connection with the ping, then you have to add the IP address. You have to use the correct IP address for all of the reasons.
Now for login to the router and use the default IP address on the browser address bar and press the enter button. The form will appear to type the username and password. Now press the enter button. If the IP address is blocked by the firewall or network cannot recognize the IP address, then the IP address does not work. You never login if you cannot unblock the IP address. You should unblock the IP address from the firewall or recognize the IP address in the network. Now try the IP address again for login. I think, you can login now if you type the correct IP address.
The default IP address is a static IP address and this IP address should not be changed until the user face problem of the IP address confliction problem. You can solve the IP address confliction problem when you use different networking devices in the same network. All devices should possess unique and different IP addresses in the same network. You cannot use same IP address on the same network in multiple devices. When you change the IP address from all of those devices, then those devices will run on the same network. When you change the IP address, you should maintain the Class of the IP address.
The IP address is taken from the Class C. The IP address cannot be taken from the different class. Under the Class of C, you will get many IP addresses and this IP address has a range which starts from to When you need to change the IP address, then you should replace an IP address. The replaced IP address will be taken from that IP address range. You take any IP address and save the IP address in the router. When all of the devices use unique IP address, then all of the devices will work on the same network. Otherwise, you cannot use the Wi-Fi network. However, you cannot replace any false IP address in the IP address place.
Now you need the correct IP address with the ping to check the connectivity test. You can use any command from these “ping” or “ping -t”. The continues ping command is useful to know the continues result of the connection the router and computer. On the Command prompt page or CMD page, you will use any command from those. The continuous ping result will let you know connection status between the router and computer continuously. It will not stop until you stop it by command. For cancel the execution of the command, you should use” CLT +C” or for breaking the continuation of the command, you need to use “CLT+ Break”. You can identify the problem of the connection of the connection between the router and computer. If you get Lost = 0%, then the connection is ok. If the Lost=100%, the connection is not ok. If you get the result in between 0% to 100%, then the connection is fluctuating. You should check the cable connection.
Many things you can identify the ping command and if you read the router’s manual. In the manual, you will get troubleshooting chapter for your router what you should read. If you read that chapter from the router, then you can solve various problems which are connected to the router or the Wi-Fi. If you think that the problem what are facing is from the router, then you should take the device to the vendor. You can contact the manufacturer for discussion the problem.
You know that what router you use and to know more about the router, you can visit other websites and blog. You should visit for the correct configuration of the router. The IP address is a necessary thing and you can know about the IP address from another site. This article will complete your searching about the router and the IP address. You do not find many solutionss in the manual of the router and you will get all of those things in the article. More about this: False IP address like “192.168.l.l“.